Sunday, January 31, 2010

AS3 class for finding four-letter words

When I created the game Merge (, I created an AS3 class that can be used to:

1 Check the validity of a four letter word
2 Choose a four letter word at random

This could come in useful for anyone interested in creating word games. It weighs in at 22k, but contains all the four-letter words in English.

The class is and to get a four-letter word, use the function return_random_word(); To check if a word exists, use check_validity("word"); and it will return TRUE or FALSE.

The class and a sample .fla can be downloaded here:

Hope it comes in useful.


I had the idea for a fun little word game. It only took a short time to make and it turned out pretty well, IMHO.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's Not Toronto

Phew! I've finally finished my current game: It's Not Toronto. (

I've always wanted to do a platform game and here it is. Hopefully, it's different from platform games you've seen before. It's got, er..., lots of blocks in it, and puzzle elements. Some parts of the game are randomized, so they'll look different each time you play.

There are twenty levels in all, but I'll make more levels if the game proves popular.