Thursday, January 20, 2011

Space Invasion 1981

Here is FlashByNight's first game of 2011.

Space Invasion 1981 is a modern retro take on those old handheld games that you might remember if you were around in those days. Waves of pesky space aliens come at you in a 'stepping down' motion reminiscent of Space Invaders. But they also form patterns and dive bomb you like in Galaga.

Space Invasion 1981 starts out pretty easy and gets harder and harder as you go along, eventually turning into a 'bullet hell'. But never fear, you get power-ups to help you win the day. A good player can get 'in the zone' and finish the 30 levels in about 30-40 minutes.

Finish all 30 levels and you'll enter the ultimate challenge - the 'infinity level'. How long can you last?

There are 3 monthly top score slots as well as an all-time hi score slot.