Friday, May 30, 2014

Anarchist thought of 1882

I love leafing through historical docs and digging up their strange ideas.

In this 1882 edition of an anarchist newsletter, the Democratic Party is told off for supporting the woman's right to vote. Anarchists opposing the woman's vote? Strange but true:

"Time brings queer changes. The Democratic party, heretofore supposed to be the bitterest foe of woman suffrage, has embodied it in its platform in Massachusetts, and even declared unequivocally in favor of woman's equality with man in the broadest sense. If the Democratic party ever gives woman the ballot, it will be the most unselfish deed ever done by a political organization, for it will amount to nothing less than suicide. Immediately woman gets the right to vote, she will use it to thwart and overturn every principle that a follower of Jefferson is supposed to believe in. She will vote for prohibition against free rum, for protection against free trade, for a State religion against free thought, for Comstockism against a free press, for indissoluble marriage against free love, and for greenbackism against free money; in short, she will do nearly everything that is outrageous and tyrannical and absurd. For, even to a greater extent than the men, she believes that all wrongs can be set right by statute. It will be a cold day for Liberty when woman takes the reins of power."

Liberty, October 14, 1882

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Muthaship Source Code

Looking for some source code for a flash game?

I'm making the source code available for the game Muthaship.

Click here.


In the mood for an old-school space invasion game?

The aim of the game in Muthaship is to invade and subdue inferior alien planets with your UFO. Just shoot everything that moves!

There are twenty levels. Levels ten and twenty are boss levels.