Sunday, November 28, 2010

Word Strips Android App

So I've been wanting to get an Android App up and running for some time. It's pretty easy to build an app in Flash for the Android, but the tough part is making it playable.

Most of the games I have on FlashByNight don't translate well to the small, touch screen. In particular, I create larger games, usually 800 x 600, whereas I've noticed most other devs create smaller games for whatever reason. The small device screen and lack of controls is quite limiting. For example, I tried creating a version of The Inside Job (, but it works out that the orbs are too small too press with precision.

One game however, translates quite well, and that is Word Strips. You can drag and drop the strips with your finger and it's actually easier than playing on the desktop/laptop.

So, you can find Word Strips in the Android Marketplace by searching for 'Word Strips'.

A word of warning: your device needs to be Android 2.2. It will NOT work on 2.1 or earlier. (Unfortunately, this has led to some low ratings/negative comments, even though I specified it on the app page). You will also be prompted to download Adobe Air before you can play the game. (There is a chance that you already have Adobe Air on your system.)

So give it a try and help me out with some good comments if you like it. The high scores for the Android App are the same as the ones for the web version, by the way.