Monday, May 4, 2009

Progress on Nanopedes Game

I found the time to do a bit more work on my Nanopedes game. The latest working version is at:

What I have done since the last time is:

1 Add an instructions page
2 The player can die and has three lives
3 Add a scoring system
4 Add a mechanism to control the level - how many nanopedes, what type and what speed
5 Add a feature that when the head is shot, the next section regenerates as a head - this was a tricky bit

The next things to do will be

1 Add a mechanism for levelling up
2 Come up with more enemies

At the moment, when you lose all three lives, you go to a page that says Game Stats. Game Psychology 101 states that it is not good to end a game players experience with failure - the classic 'you lose' screen. So I hope by adding a game stats page, I can shift the focus to what the player has achieved in the game rather than the failure of having been killed. A bit touchy-feely, I know, but this stuff is important.


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