Friday, January 27, 2012

Game Release: Clowd

Introducing a new game from…

In Clowd, you control a fluffy little cloud that can change colors as he drifts through the various levels.

Use the arrow keys to navigate

Press SPACE to change color:

If you hit an enemy of the same color, you destroy it:

There are four different level types:

You have two minutes to get through each level and the levels get progressively more difficult as you go.

Developer’s notes:

I’ve been obsessed for a while with games that use colors in various ways, so I decided to experiment with this little game. The original concept was to have smaller color blocks orbiting Clowd, which you could rotate by pressing the spacebar. However, the gameplay seemed too difficult and I decided to make the character change color instead (even though a cloud is usually white). I made the motion controls a bit ‘loose’ – hold down an arrow key and when you let go, the character will still move a bit further. This seemed natural to the game and also for the difficulty level I wanted to achieve.

The first few levels should be really easy, but fun, as you get to pop all the enemies in your path. After about level 10 or twelve, it’ll start to get quite challenging and you would have to be really good to get far beyond level 20.

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