Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oligarchy - a game for capitalist pigs

Time for a new game release...

Oligarchy is a Monopoly-style game where you compete against two computer controlled players, buying property and trying to put them out of business.

Where Oligarchy is different from Monopoly is:

  • you can build houses before you have a full set
  • you can 'turn over' a property; get it from your opponent if he doesn't own the full set
  • money is limited; spend and strategise wisely
  • there are trivia and puzzle challenges where you can earn extra money for your war chest

You can play Oligarchy at:



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  2. This is a good game, but a few small changes could make it so much better. the biggest problem, though, is a bug that i've entered many times. Partway through the game, one of the computer players will just start going through the entire board, over and over again. It just keeps going round and round, from start to finish, over and over. There is no way to stop it but to end the game. Hope you can fix this.

  3. The bug mentioned by DH has now been fixed.